Engine-Uity, Ltd. - Engine-Uity specializes in differentiated resources, keyed to Bloom’s Taxonomy of higher level thinking skills that lead to independent studies.


Engine-Uity has been solving curriculum dilemmas for gift students since 1980.

In 1980, we formed Engine-Uity, Ltd. in order to offer other teachers the kinds of materials we’d been creating for our own Gifted and Talented students. (So many colleagues wanted to borrow-copy-buy what we'd developed that we thought we must be onto something.) We didn't know much about business back then, but we did know what made our materials – then and now – work so well.
  • They include all six levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, all of the time. Kids of most abilities, in regular classrooms and Title I programs, can operate at High Thinking Levels; they just need the opportunities and encouragement to do so.

  • These materials are Research Based. Our #1 goal is – and has always been – to teach students the skills they need to become independent learners. This is even more important now than it was in 1980.

  • Engine-Uity materials are Differentiated. As classroom teachers, we know as well as you do that students learn different things at different rates and in different ways.

  • All tasks are Open Ended, and students share what they learn using a wide variety of Products: visual, technological, written, oral, and kinesthetic.

  • By combining these Principles of Good Practice, we have been able to create teaching materials that address issues of Depth and Complexity in whatever subject or topic that is being studied.

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